(b,480Salamis – d,406BC Macedonia)

Alcestis  438BC
Andromache  ca 427BC
Bacchae  403BC
Cyclops  ca 428BC
Hekabe  (aka Hecuba) 424BC
Helen 412BC
Heracleidae 430-427BC
Herakles 416BC
Hippolytus ca 428BC
Ion 414-412BC
Iphigeneia In Aulis  410BC (performed posthumously)
Iphigeneia In Tauris 414-412 BC
Medea 431 BC
Orestes 408BC
Phoenician Women 412-408BC
Rhesus 445BC
Suppliant Women 423BC
Trojan Women 415BC

For help with the pronunciation of most of these names go Here 

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