Greek and Roman deities

Greek and Roman deities.

A brief description of their protectorates and duties may be found here:


Aphrodite – Venus

Apollo –  Apollo

Ares – Mars

Artemis – Diana

Athena – Minerva

Demetre (Demeter) – Ceres

Dionysus (aka Dionysius, Dionysos, Bacchus) – Bacchus

Hades – Pluto

Plutos – Dis Pater, Orcus

Hephaistos – Vulcan

Hera – Juno

Hermes – Mercury

Hestia – Vesta

Kronos (aka Cronus) – Saturn

Persephone – Proserpina

Poseidon – Neptune

Rhea – Magna Mater

Zeus – Jupiter (aka Jove)

Eros – Cupid

Helios – Sol

Pan – Faunus

Tyche – Fortuna





2 Responses to Greek and Roman deities

  1. Dorothy Allen says:

    If I may as to be a little bit childish, is there a possibility that you can refresh my mind and explain who is who known for ie:- Poseidon was God of the sea. Hades :- God of the underworld etc . Thank you.x
    I am very mixed up as I left my Greek knowledge and adopt the Latin and I am very confused.

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