Greek and Roman deities

Greek deities and the roman equivalents


Greek                  Roman                                Protectorate

Aphrodite              Venus                             Of love, beauty

Apollo                     Apollo                           Of light, mind, prophesy

Ares                         Mars                             Of War

Artemis                  Diana                           Of wildlife, huntress, pregnant women and birth

Athena                   Minerva                      Of Wisdom and War, of Athens

Demeter                Ceres                            Of the fields, harvest, fertility

Dionysus               Bacchus                       Of wine, vineyard, fertility, dark desires, ecstasy

Hades (Plutus)  Pluto,  Dis Pater, Orcus                 Of the underworld and of Wealth        

Hephaistos             Vulcan                        Of fire, of the forge, of building

Hera                        Juno                             Queen of the gods, wife of Zeus

Hermes                  Mercury                      Herald of the Gods

Hestia                    Vesta                            Of the hearth

Kronos (Cronus)  Saturn                         Zeus’ father, deposed by Zeus

Persephone (Kore)         Proserpina     Queen of the underworld

Poseidon              Neptune                        God of the Sea

Rhea                     Magna Mater               One of Cronus’ six children

Zeus                      Jupiter (Jove)                 King of all gods and father of most

Eros                     Cupid                              Of love, Aphrodite’s son

Helios                  Sol                                   Apollo’s father, the sun

Pan                      Faunus                           Of the wild, of shepherds and their flock, of nature

Tyche                  Fortuna                         Of fate, of luck, of chance

2 Responses to Greek and Roman deities

  1. Dorothy Allen says:

    If I may as to be a little bit childish, is there a possibility that you can refresh my mind and explain who is who known for ie:- Poseidon was God of the sea. Hades :- God of the underworld etc . Thank you.x
    I am very mixed up as I left my Greek knowledge and adopt the Latin and I am very confused.

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