Lyric Poets

All poems translated by George Theodoridis

© 2010

All Rights Reserved

Anacreon (Ἀνακρέων) c. 582 – c. 485 BC
Anonymous (Ανώνυμος)
Asclepiades (Ασκληπιάδης ο Σάμιος) c. 320 BC – ?BC 
Bacchylides (Βακχυλίδης)  fl. 5th century BC
Hedylus (῞Ηδυλος) ca 280BC
Ibycus (Ἴβυκος)  ca 560BC
Ion of Chios (Ἴων) ca 490BC
Melanippides (Μελανιππίδης) ca 500BC
Meleager (Μελεάγρος) ca 500BC
Poseidippus (Ποσείδιππος) 280BC
Praxilla (Πράξιλλα) ca 450BC
Sappho (Σαπφώ) ca630-570BC
Stesichorus (Στησίχορος) ca 480BC
Timotheus (Τιμόθεος) ca 400BC

For help with the pronunciation of most of these names go Here

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