Anacreon Ἀνακρέων


Translated by G. Theodoridis

© 2005

All Rights Reserved

Gorgeous Sandals
(aka Odd Sandals)
(Ed 15/73)

Today, Eros, of the golden locks used a
purple ball to make me play
with a child.

A girl, wearing gorgeous sandals.

But she, born in beautiful Lesbos,
looked at me, found
fault with my
hair – it’s grey, you see!-

turned from me to gawk at some other child,

Another girl.


Ο Χρυσομάλλης Έρως.

Σήμερα ο χρυσομάλλης Έρως μου πέταξε μια
Κόκκιινη μπάλλα.
Έτσι για να παίξω μ᾽ένα κοριτσάκι
Που φορούσε ομορφοστολισμένα σανδάλια.

Αλ´όμως αυτή ήταν απ´την ομορφοστολισμένη Μυτιλήνη!

Με κοιτάζει λοιπόν,
Το κοριτσάκι αυτό

Πάνω-κάτω, πάνω-κάτω!

Βρήσκει το κακό!
Τα μαλλιά μου!
(είναι κάτασπρα, βλέπετε)

Με κοροιδεύει λοιπόν

Τέλος στρέφει τα γλυκά της ματάκια και τα καρφώνει
Σ᾽ ένα άλλο


Prayer to Dionysius

Please, Dionysius!
Leader of all, whose friends are the omnipotent
Eros and the blue-eyed
Nymphs and the rosy
and whose compass

is the high peaks of mountains.

Please, be kind enough to come to me and
hear my plea with a smile:

Go, God, go to Cleovoulos and counsel him well.

make him
accept my love!


Water and wine


Boy!   Bring water and bring wine
and bring garlands of flowers

that I may do a round or two with Eros


Boy! bring here a cup!
Boy! mix ten cups of water to five of wine
Boy! let me not shut my lips but let me drink
and drink and rage like
a frenzied  Bacchus with


Come, friends! let’s not shout and scream
like Scythian drunks
let us study our wine, friends
accompany its drinking with beautiful songs


The Greek text may be read here

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