Praxilla Πράξιλλα

Praxilla OF SICYON

Translated by G. Theodoridis

© 2005

All Rights Reserved

(Ed 4)

Beware, my friend of the
beneath every stone.

To Adonis
(Ed 1)

The most beautiful thing I miss
is the sun’s light
the bright stars
and third,
the moon’s face

as well as the gorgeous cucumbers, the apples
and the wild pears.

NOTE:  The last line (in Greek)  is the famous “wrong line.”   Scholiasts and translators suggest that it is a silly thing to include gourds (or cucumbers) and pears in the same list of things “one misses most” which includes sunlight, bright stars and the moon’s face.

To Achilles
(Ed 2)

But no, Achilles!
They have never managed to convince your heart
Within your breast!

You look great
(Ed 5)

You look great through the window:
The head of a virgin above
The waist
And below?
The body of a well married woman.

Learn the Tale of Admetus
(Ed 3)

Learn the tale of Admetus, dear friend,
Make friends with the brave
Stay away from the cowards –
There’s little joy in knowing that lot.

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