Timotheus Τιμόθεος

Timotheus of Miletus
Τιμόθεος ο Μιλήσιος


Translated by G. Theodoridis

© 2005

All Rights Reserved

(Ed 12)

Then, he topped a cup made of
ivy wood
with the dark drops of ambrosia
-froth raising-
which he then poured into twenty measures of
Bacchus’ Blood.

A brew of tears
freshly drawn from the eyes of


(Ed 22)
I’m coming!

I’m coming!
Why are you shouting at


(Ed 24)
Old songs

I won’t sing the old songs any more
my new ones are far better.
The new king is
and the old one is
His rule is over long ago

and so,
Let me abandon the old

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